His 18th Birthday

Today’s date is Sat January 6th 2018

18 years ago my grandson was born ! He came into this world & my life changed .

It was a Friday evening , my daughter was young 16 , we had decided to have a home birth . A dear woman from church was recommended, from there the life of this young Godly Man was born .

As we had set up the birthing tub , small round pool for the humble grand entrance ! She labored maybe two hours , friends came and boiled water , had his blankets and clothes ready . They brought food & gifts, Oils & jewelry . Many people came and waited in the living room on this cold evening , as we awaited his birth..

Mother  ( my daughter ) was amazing she slept through contractions & would barely wake after to announce “ that one is over”

She rarely even made a sound , a small groan here & there . He was coming at a great pace , not to fast & not slow -just in Gods perfect timing . I was in the birthing tub with her , her head gently resting against my chest as I sat holding her from behind. She was breathing with the contractions, slow and labored. She was growing tired ready for a retreat.

Here I was holding the child of mine to deliver the child of hers ! What a cherished moment this is . I could remember her birth , induced , disorganized, pretty intense delivery. Not one that I would have wanted to repeat ! As she came to the world , she was covered in white Vernix  , a greasy substance covering her head to toe , showing she was indeed a little early , it was Oct 16 th 1982 a beautiful day in Southern California. I remember her being laid to my breast , knowing that someday this amazing baby girl would become a mother ! Now was that time ! Yes yes yes the time was happening ! The baby was bulging his bag was protruding more & more with each push ! Something was about to happen , that I did not even know could happen ! Here I was a adult mom of 6 and did not know a baby could be born with his  amniotic sac , where this baby had been growing , preparing for this world . God was about to do the unveiling of this child right before our eyes !!! With each push he was further & further out !! His bag was not breaking , the mid wife explain the greatest of this , how it was Gods way to help a mother to dilate equally she would use the bag with the fullness of the water to let the pressure help the mother, to reduce tearing . As he was entering this world , momma did have some slight tears , but nothing compared to what could have been in a fast delivery !

God knew the right plan for this child , as the room was full of Aunts , Sisters , grandmothers , dear friends & so many women who each would serve as a part of raising this Godly Son of Jesus ! Only a few more pushes & he would be born … it took my breath , I had a moment where the room had become seemingly quiet , the presence of God was all I felt . I did not hear the chatter of excited women , I did not hear the father , I did not hear the coach , I only heard silence , then a peace that filled the room , then a breath , at last after my hands held this beautiful baby boy in a bag where he laid just beneath the water level .. came the most amazing soft sweet cry, for a child of God was delivered .

Fast forward , many hardships , the death of his daddy , the marriage and God given union of his step father at his tender age of 5 … there has been many many plays & performances. Spelling B’s , school great grades , churches , his friends , his football games & soccer . Gymnastics & cheer . He has always kept his heart protected & eyes upon our savior. As he aged to his teen years his heart so tender learning to grow and trust , the first beats of love , the first hurts of disappointment.

He has always stood fast in his faith , that we serve a God of “ second chances “ our mighty father is full of Grace & Love !!

Now today , hardly can even comprehend he is a man of 18 . The time flew by , he has a young Christian woman who he truly desires, that he would like to ask to marry him someday , he is focused on school and was accepted into our states university. I could not be more thankful or blessed to have been given the time to share with him . This Godly child has blessed me more than he’ll ever know , until he has his first grandchild .

I love you always,  your number one fan



Kid Craft: Make Your Own Natural Lip Balm

4 Mothers

We discovered Pueblo Science during the Ontario Culture Days events in the fall.  They hosted a Painting with Science event, and the kids and I had so much fun making art and learning about the science behind the ways that colours were made and mixed.

Pueblo Science is all about getting kids interested in science through hands-on experimentation, and what could be more hands-on than making your own lip balm from scratch?  The facilitator I met in the fall told me that they had a recipe up on their blog, but I wasn’t able to find it.  Instead, I surfed around and got a sense of what goes into natural lip balms.  Then I started experimenting.

My husband put a lovely pot of pure shea butter from Little House in the City into my stocking for Christmas, and I’ve been wanting to make lip balm for months, and with the deadline…

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Have you ever run a yellow light? Maybe you’re in a hurry and just think, “I can make it through this.” If you do that over and over, you’re bound to end up in a wreck. Well, it’s the same with God’s Word.

If we go ahead and do what we know we shouldn’t be doing and just try to sneak by, we can end up getting hurt. God’s Word is here to protect us.

If you’ve made mistakes, don’t spend half the day beating yourself up. But don’t take a sloppy attitude toward sin either. Sincerely repent and go on.

Hebrews 5:14 says, Solid food is for those who are mature, who through training have the skill to recognize the difference between right and wrong (NLT).    

Last not lost first not winner

Been a while because the roadtoheaven has been much more than a roller coaster …

My personal life marriage & family are amazing , I am blessed …

We each are always struggling, always in so many different ways …
This last month , I have taken a look at people as signs ,
So people’s needs in my life ” scream stop ” some are ” yield ” some are ” flashing caution lights ”
Some are so easy ” green go go go ” some are historical signs , some are truly “speed bumps” & speed warnings & speed signs ” all truly warnings !!

We had a wonderful thanksgiving , sometimes I think it’s so far in the past as far as time goes , because we live in a extremely fast paced society … Seems worthless to write ….

Then I stop & think if God brought me to it – thru it – how could it be worthless , because time has passed ? His word speaks just the opposite , we write to share ” faith , hope , love ” we write to share wisdom ….

So my roadtoheaven since November 2014 …
One word comes to mind ” BLESSED ” it’s the sum of all Gods grace & mercies ….
We went home , the journey roadtoheaven was fast and efficient – we had guest meeting us in PNW , we were in Delaware … 2300 miles to go in very few days on very few dollars … Lord I am blessed , he did get us home & in time to cook more food than I could have had in my ” Bare Cupboards ” truly amazing , we fed 23 people & then dropped all left overs off to a family that fed another 6 …
God is Good !
When I reflect on the fact we ate that food starting thanksgiving eve through Dec 2 … Yes yes miracle !

The roadtoheaven this week involved others , God was so at work ! I have some amazing dear cherished friends that go over & beyond to help me & love me & walk the roadtoheaven solid rocks they are !!
So backing up to us sliding in the front door , hauling in luggage & dirty laundry … Bags gifts , knowing cooking must begin & full swing on cleaning and having a blast !! We had gone by the airport & picked up A such a blessing to hug and squeeze this dear spiritual angel , love her so much , she had decided last minute to fly in to avoid some stress in her life . I was seriously the blessed one , I was thinking our home is so full of love , however were human with a lot of faults !
Then it again had me look at the walk of Christ – he was perfect , however he stopped he one that he called in their tracks . Never did they questionGods call never did they think about should they follow , they just did as he asked …. A is like this , such a inspiration .. Her mother has given her a horrible time with her foster son , even going as far as moving in her home & setting things up for the foster child to be placed in the mothers care full time in her home …. This breaks my heart and this week of thanksgiving we shall rejoice regardless , we shall pray for her mom regardless .
She has been suffering from medical conditions laughter is what the Dr. Is ordering !
We laughed silly non stop ! Oh the giggles till we cried & tears ran down our legs !!!
The next day we had great plans made adding another dear friend M & the girls we moved towards making amazing memories .
M was to arrive as A was headed out , which they would not be able to meet …. I had prayed they would meet !!! I really did not want to disrupt any of Gods plans , however I just knew they would enjoy knowing each other and walking the roadtoheaven with all of us on board !!
So off we left with our great plans , we would avoid saying Good bye & just stay away from tears , keeping A emotions in tack 🙂
Well Eric was driving & somehow we just did not make it !!!! A missed her flight by 16 minutes !!! We could not believe it ! The counter lady would not let her through – we cried , knowing she would not be spending Thanksgiving with her little man . I know at some level God was behind that entire event !! Because the next few hours & day we all grew with jesus ! We all saw his work !! M & her mother arrived , we all just took in the mystery of crofting Gods plans over our own !!

As we drove it was dark & late we still needed food & almost no money ! Eric was tired & short with everyone .. As a great man of faith , he took us to the store – we got things we needed to complete this beautiful day that we shall pride the lord for & the gathering of old friends & new friends , allowing God to orchestrate a beautiful day !

During the confusion of the eve , we had received a call from the girls father . Who out of nowhere 3 years not seeing he would pick them up for Thanksgiving ! As the gears of theirs flowed , so did ours !!
We surrendered to him & we would pick them up at 5 Friday …
Talk about a pattern interruption ! We had so many things planned & meals they would make , outfits laid out , certain aprons & amazing dishes each chose to start learning how to make a feast every year …. Crushed & Gone …..
With this we decided to do it all in Christ with a joyful heart not allowing sorrow to over come us !
Along with this comforting the facts that A , would not be home with Z … Heart wrenching yes , trusting & faith ! We preserving forward !!
As we celebrated the sound of giggles & laughter was truly missed , when we gave thanks we also prayed for their safety & Joy !
Friday quickly approached us , A off to the airport & looking forward to the pick up of the littles ….
Later that day M & I had gone for phones & coffee , only to get a call – the girls would not be returning till Friday , again my heart sank and my blood pressure went up !!
Here I was a cross road report to authorities, trust the Lord was what I knew God wanted …. So we agreed pick up at 8 :00 so we could get back on the roadtoheaven… The Lord , always always presses on my heart do nothing be still & know he has this …
We prayed again no more delays & no more waiting only for no return @ 8 — now lord I cried out !! Now , do I call ?? So I wait , was it a misunderstanding?
At 9:46 I received a text ” sorry we over slept ”
All this time trusting that God was in charge !! Was told we would see them @ 11 , with many many thoughts , they finally returned at 1:00 in the afternoon ….

During this time of praying & waiting – so many things run through our flesh .
Do we act , do we react , are we proactive?
What does God want when one Christian , pushes every boundary ? What do we do when it seems through perception that all signs on this roadtoheaven are facing the wrong way !!

We proceed , caution , watching for speed limits , man holes , workers , seeking Gods light on my path … So that I may be In his will ….

As we left and returned to east coast again …
The roadtoheaven taught me more about the love of Jesus & that his words stand the test of time & time & time again truth always prevails !
We spent the next month , preparing for the birth of Christ .. Taking in fast , taking in 25 days of giving , 25 days if acts of kindness , seeking the lord in every step of everyday –
This alone will be another blog ….
As Christmas came the joy of Christ seemed to appear everywhere , children singing , gift giving the church lighting candles during service … Showing the light in the dark takes away all darkness !!!
The candle lighting was truly magnificent & brought me tears … I want to always be a light in this world … During this time , M had gone home ( another blog ) and returned to celebrate birth of Christ with us !!! Seeing Christmas from the eyes of a child ! Seeing the mystery of believing in something we can’t see , something that we will never see ” Santa ” , we teach a spirit of life that has continued to serve God & his children !!
This was a amazing year and we thanked the lord with celebrations as a family , drawing hand written papers of each persons personal writings of their hearts joy !! We also set up 21 day fast , to give up random items daily , we all added to one can & drew daily to help us understand what a sacrifice is !!

God is so good , we came to a end of this job on the 8th.. During this roadtoheaven I will be writing spin off blogs on places we visited lessons learned & joys of life ….
As we started our journey back home I reflect , lessons are daily signs are everywhere , we must slow down & stop to read & know Him ….

Life in the fast lane

I have been moving at such a increasing fast pace that I’m not sure where to start , my days are long my nights are short , the roads have been incredibly winding , that I have hardly been able to know just where I was to land ….

I just daily check in with the lord , lord lord – show me the way , with that shallow prayer – I seek him & I follow ….
He has been so amazing to handle the road for me , amazing me each & every step of the journey !!
As soon as I can I will up date the , breakdowns , the hesitation of certain routes , the blind spots , the signals …

Please be blessed with your CHRIST-mas of this time of year , we are out serving the lord in his roadtoheaven…



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